35 Amazing Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Trend in hair styles keeps changing every time. So girls have to keep them updated as far as hair kits are concerned. The trend of highlights in hair color has been popular since long now and the latest style is using pastel colors. It is the means of attracting unwanted attention.

You can choose from various color option right from metallic blue, candy pink to ash silver color, the one which suits your skin tone. These lighter shades will surely soften up you whole appearance and give your image a big makeover. Today we have a collection of “35 Amazing Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2016” and flaunt the beautiful hair.

Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2016

black and blue hair

Cara Delevingne pastel blue hair

color trend

Electric Pink and Chaos Blue

gorgeous color combination

hair color ideas

hair colors for tan skin

I love colorful hair

kate upton pastel color hair

Kesha Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas

Ombre blonde hair

ombre red hair

pastel color ideas

pastel hair colored hair dyed

Pastel Hair Colors with Dark Roots

pastel hair mint pale green blue asian

pastel ombre hair

Pastel Ombre Hairstyle

pastel with tattoo








Pink and turquoise blue hair

Prettiest Pastel Hair Colors

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas


Rainbow colored hair

straight hair pastel color

stylish pastel color